Sunday, January 21, 2007

Tre Mieli

(one of the three Tre Mieli)
(house wine)
(beautiful table settings)
(delicious cheese dishes)
Near the Port? Near Via Garibaldi? Want unlimited wine (who does'nt)? Try Tre Mieli for a refreshing Italian dinner, there's no rush here so alot plenty of time. As you enter the converted structure, a rustic yet elegant scene of white linnens and walls of wine, the aroma hints at exactly why this place is so delicous. The meal is planned much like a traditional Italian meal, antipasto, primero, segundo, and dolce. Wine will accompany you along this journey of cheeses, fish, pasta, and gelato. It is important to note that there are in fact three Tre Mieli in Genova- easiest accessed from the port or Via Garibaldi. Tre Mieli is worth the expense, about 30 euro, for the atmosphere and quality of dishes.

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