Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Tuscan Cooking School

During independant travel we, as students, had to plan a trip. For my trip I was fortunate enough to have my daddy come to visit. This being his first trip to Italy, we went and saw some wonderful sites, a couple of vineyards, and stayed in some great cities. One of the great things we did on this trip was go to a Tuscan cooking school for two days. It was in a villa, which was restored, right outside of Firenze (Florence). The school was amazing and was a great opportunity! We both learned so much in tTuscan cuisine, and ate like kings for those two days! One of our chefs was a man who was born outside of Firenze and became the head chef in the White House for Bush Sr. He was an excellent chef, great teacher, and a really sweet man. Over all a very wonderful experience!

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