Saturday, December 8, 2007


Stonehenge as it is now

Artists rendering of what Stonehenge would have looked like completed

is a famous site that many people have heard of. While not the largest henge it is very unique because of the fact that it was built from stone. The sarsen stones that are the tall inner ring and the bluestones that are the smaller ring would have all been interconnected and formed a perfect circle. Stonehenge is an UNESCO world heritage site, and a very mystical place. Many people who have visited the ring of stones say they feel strange things while standing around the historic monument. Believed to have been built in three distinct periods, no one is clear if there was any plan for the final design of the henge or each of the additions was made to suit the purpose of the individual builders. There are many myths and speculations about this fact. For more information on the construction of Stonehenge:

For some of the myths:

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