Friday, November 16, 2007

Fascist Architecture in Naples

Naples Post Office

During the Fascist time period of Italy, many programs were started to help better the lives of Italians while also winning their support for the government. One such program was the Urban Renewal Program. In Naples, the Urban Renewal Program destroyed the San Giuseppe quarter to make way for new municipal buildings all in the Fascist style. At the center of the renewal is the Naples Post Office. Designed in 1935 by Giuseppe Vaccaro and completed in 1936, the building's front curved facade features the Fascist hallmarks of grand size and black marble columns. Also, the additional tell-tale sign of the time period and the commissioner of building is the representation of the date. As seen in the photograph above, the date is given in years (Roman numerals) from the beginning of the Fascist regime in 1922. If the date was not present in number form, as it is on this building, one could figure it out by adding the Roman numeral to 1922. In this case, "XIV" (which is 14) plus 1922 is the completion year of 1936.

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