Friday, October 5, 2007


The Whale is one of the large residential buildings of the Amsterdam skyline. We were able to visit and even go inside one of the top story apartments on our architecture bike tour. The most distinguishing feature of The Whale is it's slanted roof. The roof angle is determined by the trajectory of the sun in order to optimize natural light to the interior facades and courtyard. Opposite corners of the building slant up at ground level, creating a view corridor and circulation longitudinally through the structure. Though the courtyard is inaccessible, it provides a beautiful greenspace for the occupants as well as the public. I really enjoy the simplicity of the design. I love how the architect (Baron G.A. Tindalplein) considered the angle of the sun foremost and adapted other spaces and systems to efficiently work within the shape of the structure. Overall, The Whale is a great example of how to successfully encompass all aspects of site and program into the design of a building.

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