Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Sweet sounds from Pipes in Orvieto

Europe has the most beautiful looking and sounding organs in the world. The Duomo in Orvieto is no exception housing an absolutely gorgeous organ in the apse. This organ is fairly large containing 5,585 pipes which air flows through to create music. Classical music has been important to worship for hundreds of years and has developed parallel to architecture. When studying architecture, it would make sense that music also follows similar trends during the Baroque and Renaissance periods. The architecture of the organ's casing has many similarities to the Duomo. Orvieto's organ was designed by Ippolito Scalza and Bernardino Benvenuti in the 15th century. The columns and capitals are Corinthian with gilded leafing. Try to image being in this cathedral with the full organ playing and filling the space with rich sound, unifying every voice towards the heavens.

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