Tuesday, October 30, 2007

A Summer Retreat

When Silvia graciously reserved us a private bus tour of Palladian villas with Professor Stefano Fera, I was blown away by the beauty of our first stop, Villa La Rocca Pisana. The villa was built in 1576 by the powerful Venetian family Vettor Pisani, as a getaway from the hot summer weather of the plain below. Designed by Scarmozzi, the villa is visible from a great distance and stands commandingly of the top of a hill. A neoclassical roman front with 6 Ionic columns, the grandiose of the villa is moving. The villa is still owned by the same family and was restored in the early twentieth century by the Countess Rosetta de Lazara Pisani and is now open to the public for tours when not in use as a summer residence for the family.

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