Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Camogli: Brought to You in Technicolor

It is quite common to see brightly colored fishing boats bobbing in the gentle waves of the harbor of Camogli. This bright blue boat,however, caught my eye when I found it propped up against the mossy brown walls and partially covered with slimey ropes. A beautiful contrast.

While wandering among the sun speckled roads of the coastal town of Camogli, I ran across what looked like a large steel circle which had once been vibrantly painted with nautical motifs. Over the years rust has begun to muddle the scene, but one can still see the brightly colored fish peeking out unexpectedly from behind the rust.

Continuing my search of Camogli up the steep winding path that led to the San Fruttuoso Abby I ran across these vibrant red circles spray painted onto the grey, mossy walls of the path. No one could figure out exactly what they meant, but the intensity of the red imposed upon the old rock wall caught my eye.

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