Friday, September 14, 2007

Notte Bianca, Rome

One of Renzo Piano's auditioriums lit up for the festivities

Rome’s Notte Bianca has become a beloved tradition for Romans, Italians, and tourists alike.For one night of the year the entire city stays open all night, public transportation, museums, galleries, eateries and some shops cater to the publics every whim. To top off the already thriving energy of the bustling metropolis there are hundreds of cultural events scattered across the ancient city. The program includes performances, concerts, plays, dance shows, magic and circus arts, contemporary art installations, fireworks, even a concert of church bells. Some of us students attended Le Jazz Fait Son Cirque Et Vice Versa, a French acrobatic and jazz combo at Renzo Piano’s Rome Auditorium. The lively jazz music combined with breathtaking acrobatics had all of us laughing and gasping with the excitement of the little italian girl sitting in front of us. Among our favorite acts was the lady who could spin and wind her way up a 20 foot rope with stunning strength and agility. Rome's Notte Bianca made our experience of Rome truly memorable. Notte Bianca

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