Thursday, August 30, 2007

Fresh Local Produce

On the first of what will be many walking tours, Prof. Sera snaked us through in centro to get a feel for the citta. Italian vocabulary was at work. Stefano is Genovese so we received a gush of useful information: local history, the best bars, personal anecdotes and structures of note. All were all delivered with gusto.

Stefano would later offer a concept that I have come to embrace. The philosophers suggested that walking promotes thought. "You think while you walk". This idea would influence the construction of arcades to accommodate the passing of teachers and pupils. I can verify the truth of this concept first hand. I was quite conscious throughout. Also having to chase your professor really builds up a thirst for knowledge. Knowledge and aranciata.

Anyway, one complicated turn and we were suddenly in an open gallery featuring contemporary works from local artists. I barely had the time to snap the photos but promise to return to the site and find out who the artists are and give them their due credit. The installation/video piece is just one of several works on display.

More later.


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