Sunday, April 22, 2007

Reversible Bench video

Nervi, Italy is home to a beautiful coastline and the perfect place to get away from the busy Italian life. With a mountain to its back and the ocean in the front, Nervi offers a setting for everyone. On my most recent excursion to this Italian getaway, I found a unique adaptation to an old favorite. Along the coastline path are many benches for the spectators to rest. A certain number of these benches have the ability to be changed so that you can face either direction. The benches are easy to adjust as can be seen in this video of my sister using the bench. One direction gives you a view of the boardwalk. While looking this way you can see people eating at outdoor restaurants, children playing, and people having a relaxing walk along the seaside path. The other direction gives you a view of the expansive Mediterranean Sea. While looking this way you can see boats in the distance, people kayaking, and, as was seen on my last trip, a scuba diver. These benches allow the visitor to fully experience Nervi and it's beautiful surroundings while relaxing at the same time!
Amy Altman

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