Friday, April 20, 2007

Parc Diagonal Mar

The Parc Diagonal Mar is a park located in Barcelona in an area of newer development. This development is is located where the famous avenue Diagonal meets the sea north of the city center. It consists of 5 residential phases, offices, commercial, hotels, and a park system that connects all these elements. The park has active and passive recreation, water features, playgrounds, furniture, labeled plants, and many metal sculpture pieces found throughout the development. The sculpture is reminiscent of a roller coaster track as it loops and jumps over the area. The park itself has won several awards, but at the same time, heavily criticized. It is mainly criticized for being too far outside the city and its perceived lack of use. I think this will be corrected in time as all of the housing developments are not complete and that will lead to more users. I found this park very enjoyable, if lightly populated. It bears a distinct contrast to the usual, grass and shade tree parks found in most city and only time will tell if it succeeds.

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