Thursday, April 19, 2007

La Sagrada Família

La Sagrada Familia, a lovely church in Barcelona, Spain, is one of the most interesting and beautiful churches that I have seen thus far in my travels. It has an interesting past, and has been influenced by several different people; Antoni Gaudi devoted more than 40 years to building this church, and after Gaudí's death, Domenech Sugranyes took over the job. Then, in 1940 the architects Francesc Quintana, Isidre Puig Boada, Lluis Bonet i Gari andFrancesc Cardoner furthered the work. It is still under construction to this day under the direction of Jordi Bonet i Armengol, who has been working to introduce computers into the design and construction process . Although the church's construction and design has changed hands so many times, it is a very elegant and distinct church that has its own special character. The church contains many imaginative sculptures by J Busquets, Etsuro Sotoo and Josep Subirachs, which are very stylized and distinct. The church also features sets of doors which are also very distinct, and are composed of extruded letters that spell out christian themes. This church was one of my favorites because it represented a very different style and character than the Italian designs that we have been seeing so much. It looks more similar to a drip-sandcastle than the hard-edged, realistically decorated churches in Italy.

Janis Fowler

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