Sunday, April 22, 2007


A must try Parisian cuisine is the infamous French crepe. Though the most popular crepes are "sweet crepes" (made with various combinations of fruit, chocolate, ice cream, etc.) the crepe is an extremely versitile dish and can actually be made to serve as a breakfast, lunch, snack or even a light dinner. The crepe is a very thin pancakes and while it is popular and can be found throughout Europe, it originated (as did the pancake) in France.

The crepe is a very basic recipe and is typically a concoction of milk, flour, eggs, butter and a bit of, of course, the chosen toppings or stuffings. The type of flour used changes with the type of crepe made: sweet crepes are usually made with a wheat flour and are slightly sweetened, whereas "savoury" crepes are made with a buckwheat flour. Crepes can be either rolled of folded and may be stuffed with "sweets" or more filling ingredients such as egg, ham, some types of fish, spinach, cheeses, etc.

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Sarah Wade

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