Sunday, April 22, 2007

Aqueduct of Segovia

Being one of the best public works in Spain, the Aqueduct is one of the most magnificent works left by the Romans. It was built during the 1st century during the Flavian Dynasty in order to bring water to the city of Segovia from the mountains. The Aqueduct is made up of 166 arches of granite block without any type of mortar. It also reaches almost 15 kilometers in length, and a maximum height of 28.1 meters. During an attack by the Moslem Al-Mamum of Toledo in 1072, 36 of the arches were damaged. These arches have been restored in the 15th century. The Aqueduct starts by the road of La Granja and continues along through the Casa de Piedra where the water was filtered by sand and the flow was regulated. The water also goes through a second sand filter later on. The Aqueduct was used up until the 1950’s to bring water to the city.

Allison Spiker

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