Thursday, March 1, 2007

Nestled within the park boundaries of the Villa Reale in Marlia, Italy lies the Villa del Vescovo, a structure dating back to the 1500’s that was built to house the Bishop and other dignitaries during their visits to Lucca. The irregular courtyard within the massive outer structure is said to be the only one of its type in Lucca.

The existing gardens surrounding the villa were restored and constructed much later. In keeping with the romantic taste for natural vistas, the new layout was organized around asymmetrical groups of vegetation and slightly sloping lawns. In the lower part, a lake was created and surrounded by woods and criss-crossed by streams and avenues shaded by various species of trees; in the area directly next to the Villa, a small garden was created on two levels, the lower of which consists of rectangular flower-beds enclosed by the Villa’s terraces.

Sara Anrrich

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