Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Linear Gardens of Palladian Villas

Villa Foscari - Side Pathway

Villa Emo - Front Path

Villa Emo - Rear Farmland

While visiting various Palladian villas in the Veneto region of Italy, I found the well-crafted gardens around the buildings particularly interesting. Just as the villas were designed with a clear orthogonal organization, the landscape and pathways contained on the secluded estate were created in an obvious linear fashion. Palladio’s intent was to develop a connection between the living space both inside and outside his villas, including those found at Villa Foscari and Villa Emo. He attempted to incorporate linear structured landscapes that followed the central axis found in the building on the site. This clear circulation of the land fulfilled functional purposes. Keeping a simplistic and legible path helped the original inhabitants of the villa transport harvested crops. Also, the well-manicured passages aided residents when trying to reach more private areas of the site. Visually, the linear organized landscapes are quite appealing, and they provide exceptional views of the entire area.
Patrick Lee

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