Monday, March 5, 2007

The Creation of Adam . . . with Vlaamse Fries

The food culture in the Netherlands is an interesting one. The country is not necessarily known for any food or preparation method, just the heartiest (read, greasiest) foods of the diverse cultures found in the country, Amsterdam especially. In addition to the delicious doner kebap, the Argentinian steaks, and pastry shops, you must try the Vlaamse frites. These are wax paper cones of fries covered in the condiment of your choice. Mayonnaise is the usual here, but you can also get ketchup or curry sauce. There are stands all over the city, some decorated more interestingly than others. This shop located on Westermarkt, when closed, has a painting of the 'Creation of Adam' with the spark of life being the Vlaamse fries.

Elizabeth Conte

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