Wednesday, March 14, 2007

The Beer Halls of Munich

I'm seen here at the Hofbrauhaus in Munich, Germany while three peers and I went to the strong beer festival in Munich, or as they say, the Starkbierzeit. The festival is nowhere near the size of Oktoberfest but still brings in a healthy amount of tourists. There are six significant Beer Halls in Munich and Hofbrauhaus is the most famous, the most touristy, and actually the most fun. We had just arrived in Munich after a long drive through the Alps and were in dire need of a liter and food. I had chicken and potato salad and it was out of this world, but not as good as the beer. My friends and I got our first liter, stared each other in the eye, and said a loud "Prost (Cheers)," followed by a slamming of the glasses on the tables and a long drink. We were following standard drinking protocol for Bavarians in beer halls.


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