Monday, March 5, 2007

Patios of University Campus De Uithof

Here are are examples of the three patios found at the management facility by Macanoo on the University Campus De Uithof in Rotterdam, Netherlands. The building is designed as one continuous space, enclosed by glass, in which four volumes of different shape and material rest on concrete columns. The square ground plan, with four connecting parts separated by three patios, ensures a free circulation to each corner of the building. The ‘Water’ patio, the narrowest of the three, has a glass footbridge with views to the open landscape at the rear of the building. The water symbolises the calm nature of the building. The ‘Jungle’ patio has a dynamic ambience, influenced by the varieties of bamboo that are interspersed throughout the walkways, and open steel footbridges that connect the patio to the first floor and incorporate it into the interior circulation system. The design for the ‘Zen’ patio is inspired by Japanese meditation gardens with gravel and boulders, and is the most static of the three patios. The walls of the Zen patio are covered with grids of Western red cedar that act as sun shields.

Averett Tinsley

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