Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Museum Park in Rotterdam

The Museum Park was designed by OMA/Yves Brunier and built in 1992. The park is in Rotterdam and is currently under construction. As the name indicates, the park is surrounded by several museums. The park is small, but open to the public. Various sculptures make it attractive. The park has an artificial and almost out of place characteristic. The trees have had a difficult time staying alive in the past, due to the soil composition. This project was designed well, but unfortunately the process was done incorrectly. OMA either did not do the proper site analysis or they did not pay attention to their research. Trees can not life on this site for more than four or five years. The soil is almost sterile and highly acidic. The layout is perfect for a stroll or for a picnic. The materials work well within the site, but do not correspond with the context of the site. The use of water is especially appropriate for the Netherlands. There is even a canal running through the site.

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