Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Laura Weber's Wild Living installation

These houses were Laura Weeber's submission to the Wild Living installation, a housing development in Almere, Netherlands. Almere itself is a relatively new development, reclaimed in the 1970s. Each submitter was charged with creating a house that can be added to or subtracted from, based on the occupant's size and price needs, breaking from the traditional Dutch mold of government-decided housing. The concept behind this one was that you could add the segments shown in the third photo to the front and back of the house to create the spaces needed. There are several different color options, as shown in the second photograph, to make each house distinctive. In the first image, I tried to use Bernt and Hilla Becher's style of documentation; straight-on photographs of the subject matter, montaged into a single black-and-white image. This allows the viewer to compare small differences in structures that would otherwise appear all the same.
Architect: Laura Weeber
Location: Almere, Netherlands
meg chandler

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