Sunday, February 11, 2007

Independent Travel Tips

To keep your experience in Genoa affordable take advantage of your recourse's. Before a trip be sure to pack cold cuts and sandwiches. Food can get expensive!
Check out all your travel options, when traveling with up to six people it may be cheaper to take a car then a train. Note most of the rental cars are standard and if your not used to driving in a city it could be a stressful situation. If your ok with city driving and are up for a road trip the drive to Switzerland is worth the effort. Silvia was more then helpful when it came to finding a rental car and again i suggest you take advantage of your resources.
be sure to check the weather of your destination, Genoa is usually wet or warm and it could come as a shock if your not prepared for drastic changes in climate. Switzerland and other bordering countries get a lot more snow then Italy. If your not used to driving in the snow Switzerland may not be the place to start.

Good luck!
Virginia Byers

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