Monday, February 19, 2007

Grotto at the Boboli Gardens

While in Florence, we went to a really beautiful place called the Boboli Gardens. These gardens are behind the Palazzo Pitti, and were a really nice break from the rows and rows of palaces we had been seeing all day. The gardens were great, but at the bottom of the gardens was a really interesting grotto that I really enjoyed experiencing. This grotto was one of the most creative and interesting places that we have been thus far, and its construction of stalactites and rock make it look more like a sand castle than like the cleanly sculpted buildings that we had been seeing that day. It contains many beautifully made sculptures and statues which are great examples of mannerist architecture. Michelangelo's The Prisoners were once displayed here, and even though they are now replaced by copies, they are still a really great sight to see. This beautiful grotto is definitely something that I would recommend you see if you are ever in Florence.
Janis Fowler

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