Sunday, February 18, 2007

Giardino Spagnolo, Villa Reale

Villa Reale is located just outside of Lucca, Italy. The Villa Reale garden came about in the early 19th century when Elisa Baciocchi Bonaparte bought Villa Marlia from Lelio Orsetti and Villa del Vescovo from the Mensa Arcivescovile. She renovated these properties, with the aim to join them together with a new design in the Neoclassical style.

Giardino Spagnolo, also commonly known as the Spanish gardens, is a very prominent part of Villa Reale. This garden presents very geometrical shapes, with a rill running through the garden in the shape of a square, while the sidewalk follows this pattern just inside of the rill. The garden is edged with pruned bushes all in a rectangular form. The shrubs within the garden all have a very circular shape, which line the rill and the sidewalk. The sidewalk intersects the rill in many different areas around the garden, and in between these intersections are small circular fountains.
Giardino Spagnolo, Villa Reale
Lucca, Italy
Allison Spiker

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