Thursday, February 8, 2007

EUR, a suburb of Rome

EUR stands for Esposizione Universale di Roma. It is a peripheral suburb south of Rome and has many interesting examples of Fascist architecture. The picutre of the building with the scaffolding is the Palazzo della Civilta del Lavoro (Palace of the Workers) also know as the square colesium.
Mussolini ordered the construction of the satellite city for an international exhibition, which was to have been held in 1942. Work was suspended with the outbreak of WWII and the exhibition never took place, however, many buildings were completed during the 1950s.
The last picture is of Chiesa di Santa Maria in Aracoeli, the official church of the EUR.
I found the architecture to be dominating and almost depressing. It seems to be pure propoganda set up by Mussolini to glorify Imperial Rome, and it certianly does that.

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