Wednesday, February 28, 2007


The Educatorium, designed by OMA in 1997, is located in Utrecht, Netherlands on the Utrecht University campus. The Building is made up of two theater lecture halls, classrooms, a restaurant, and large public spaces. The most prominent attribute of the structure is the concrete floor that wraps around the upper level to become the roof. The sloping concrete creates the stadium seating for the lecture halls and also forms a ramp along the sides. Below the slope is the restaurant, and all of the classrooms are located on the opposite side of the building. Upon entering the building, there is a large open public space, and you can see the ramp leading up to the lecture halls. At the top of the ramp, you can see the curve of the wooden floor becoming a wall and then ceiling. The first lecture hall is in the shape of an ellipse and is finished with a metal surface, and the second is rectangular with a wooden, egg shaped control room on the back. The structure of the roof can be seen on the inside of the lecture room. This was done so that the concrete slope would not apear too thick from the outside of the building.
and stairways guide you through the interior made up of a variety of materials. The wood strips used to finish the curve make for a cozy atmosphere while the metal walls produce a more modern appearance. The vast amount of glass windows open up the interior to the outside, and the interior glass creates views into the classroom. Other materials can be found along the hallways such as a wall that is lit up with multiple colors. All of the materials work well together and make for an excting experience inside the building.
Mandy Hayden

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