Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Catacombs at Therme Vals

If you stay at the Hotel Therme in Vals (MAP), you are eligible to take a tour of the Catacombs of the Therme. Inquire at the Front Desk of the Hotel before 1100, and if there is still room, you will meet at 1700 at the front desk of the Therme. Caveat : The tour is in German, so you may not be able to understand much of the tour guide's spiel, but you can still admire the complex machinery which counters the simplicity of the Therme.

The walls are covered with construction notes in pencil for where pipes should be located and load calculations. This is a very interesting feature throughout the catacombs. The HVAC system is absolutely tremendous - the handler are almost three meters tall.

We did learn that the aroma of the Flower Pool does not come directly from the flowers in the water, but is rather a scent added to the space.

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