Sunday, January 21, 2007

Museum of Oriental Art

The Museum of Oriental Art, situated near the Piazza del Portello, offers both the visitors and residents of Genoa an expansive collection of Japanese inspired artwork. The variety of Asian pieces, dating from the 1600s, have been provided by the Genoa native Mr. Chiossone. Among his multiple displayed souvenirs, one will find large statues, warrior armor, pottery, unique lanterns, and detailed masks. In addition to the contents of the museum, the landscaped exterior and architecture of the building present points of interest. Mario Labo, the architect credited as the creator of this cultural attraction, designed five balcony-galleries that are only linked by flights of stairs. The separation and connection of these balcony-galleries creates an attractive and innovative plan for showcasing Asian culture. Even before entering the well-designed interior, one journeys through numerous gardens, traverses delicate bridges, and passes by fish filled ponds. This intriguing landscape definitely illustrates the influence of traditional outdoor Asian spaces. A visit to the Museum of Oriental Art is not a typical survey of ancient artwork; it is truly a memorable experience.

Patrick Lee

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